Top Chest Workouts for Men

Top Chest Workouts for Men

Chest Workouts For MenThese days, it seems like everywhere you look, people are offering advice on how to lose weight and get the ultimate six-pack, but if you really want to have a great looking body, it is not only your abdominals that need to be worked on. Instead, you need to focus on your chest as well, but as many bodybuilders will attest to, building well-defined chest muscles can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, there are some really good chest workouts that can give your upper body the sort of definition you have been dreaming about. In the next few paragraphs, we will be looking at 5 of the best chest workouts for men.

1. Barbell Bench Presses – Flat

Barbells allow you to use as much power as you can muster, and they are a lot easier to handle than heavy dumbbells. Bench pressing barbells is also a really easy chest workout to perfect, and if you do a bit of digging online, you will come across countless barbell bench pressing programs which you can choose based on your current level of strength. As a general rule, if you want to build muscle, go for heavy weights and low reps, increasing the weight as your strength increases. It is also best to do barbell bench presses towards the start of your chest workouts.

2. Barbell Bench Presses – Low Incline

Flat barbell bench presses are great, but if you want to truly develop your pecs, then you need to do low incline bench presses. Many people focus mostly on steep incline presses, but these work the upper delts more than they work your pecs for example. Low-incline presses are awesome for an upper chest workout, and you can make them even more formidable simply by bringing your hands a bit closer together that you normally would. For best results, do you low-incline reps before you do any other bench presses because you will have more strength, which means that you will be putting more stress on the muscle fibers in your pectoral muscles.

3. Dumbbell Bench Presses

Dumbbell bench presses are without question one of the most popular chest workouts out there, and it’s hardly surprising really. They can do everything which barbell bench presses can do, and they offer a lot more opportunity for adding some variety to your workouts. The biggest advantage is that they automatically bring both sides of your chest into play, and you can easily change their position in order to target specific muscles more than others.

As with barbell presses, if you are going to include dumbbell presses in your chest workouts, you should do them at the front end of your workout, and you should go for heavy weights with low reps. Likewise, you should also consider alternating between flat bench workouts and low-incline workouts for more thorough muscle development.

4. Seated Bench Press – Free Weight or Machine

Seated bench presses are a staple part of most chest workouts for men, and they can be done using free weights, or with a machine, if you happen to have one. One notable difference between free weights and machine presses is that the latter allows you to easily slow down your reps. Also, if you reduce the weight, a machine is great if you want to do quick drop-sets.

Regardless of which option you go for, seated bench presses are great for building your chest muscles, also studies have shown that doing on a machine is better if your primary goal is to build up your pecs. For best results, do your seated bench presses towards the end of your chest workouts.

5. Bench Cable Fly – Inclined

Most of the top chest workouts consist of multi-joint exercises, but the inclined bench cable fly is one single-joint exercise which really does deserve a place on any favorites list. This is a great exercise, and particularly if you want to target your pecs, not least because the cables place your pecs under continuous tension throughout your range of motion.

For best results, do these towards the end of your workouts, and do at least 10 to 12 reps at a time, which is more than what you would usually be doing with most bench press exercises.



About chest workouts, I am kind of skinny and just 21 years old, so what exercise is best to build my chest up so I don’t look so weak?


The best exercises for chest workouts, especially for beginners, are just dips or the regular bench press. Use light weights at first and build up to more heavy weights only when you are able. Never force anything. If possible ensure you have a spotter if you are not sure about too much weight, or even better, use a bench press machine at a gym where there is no problem and no chance of the weight falling on you because of the way the machine is built.